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A-Consult specialise in providing solutions for the storage and handling of liquids in the Agricultural, Water Industries and Industrial Sectors. Established in 1986 we have successfully constructed over 8,500 tanks throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

This website provides detailed information about all our solutions but if you have any specific questions or requirements please contact us either by phone, email or via the enquiry forms.

A-Consult Products

AD & Biogas

More than 1500 of our tanks have been used for primary / secondary digesters, digestate storage and mixer / reception tanks.


The Agri-Tank is designed to meet all your slurry storage requirements and is available in a range of sizes.


The A-Consult precast concrete tank system offers a cost effective and robust solution to many process and storage applications.

Water Industry

Aqua-Tank provides a safe, cost effective method of containment with numerous applications within the Water, Waste and Industrial sectors.

A-Consult Tanks Offer

  • High Quality
    Pre-manufactured in a factory controlled environment. Designed to crack widths of 0.1mm an improvement over traditionally poured in situ structures offering crack widths of 0.2mm.
  • Robust Construction
    Available as both above and below ground installation.
  • 50 Year Design Life
    Compliant with British Standards and current Eurocodes, ensuring all relevant design standards are fulfilled.
  • Rapid Construction & Installation
    Offering the shortest construction time available within the industry. Kit form construction methods ensure safe and fast on site installations.
  • Flexible Design
    Wall heights ranging from 2.0m-12.0m with diameters from 4.0m–50.0m. Pre-formed apertures to accommodate pipe work and mixer entries.

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