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Product Development

Exploded View (Above)

Post-tensioned precast tanks have been a commercially viable alternative to in-situ concrete structures for over 30 years. During this time A-Consult have been at the forefront of product development, being amongst the first to locate the post tensioning tendons within the precast panel and responsible for developing the no maintenance EPDM rubber jointing gasket. The latest development offered by A-Consult is the Extracted Anchor Arrangement. The benefits of incorporating the extracted anchor arrangement in our structures result in PE-sheeting protected tendon fully encapsulated within the ducting system; maximum possible protection to the post tensioning tendons; easy access for inspection.

Hidden Strength

The Aqua-Tank is constructed using high specification concrete panels held together by a series of circumferential 7 wire PE-sheeted grease impregnated tendons. The tendon is coated in a highly corrosion-resistant grease conforming to the recommendations of both the American Post Tensioning Institute and the FIB. The PE-sheeting is formed by the continuous hot extrusion of high density polyethylene or polypropylene to a minimum redial thickness of between 1.00mm and 2.00mm, again conforming to recommendations of both the American Post Tensioning Institute and the FIB.

Panel Seal

The Aqua-Tank panel seal is unique due to the use of a patented, WRAS approved, substantial EPDM Rubber strip, which absorbs the movement to which every tank is subjected; e.g. seasonal weather changes, variation in liquid level and external pressure from back-fill. Its elasticity is resistant to ammonia and ultra violet light, and with a life expectancy in excess of the concrete panels themselves results in no maintenance on this area for the structures total design life.

Panel to Base Seal

The panel to base seal is typically performed by applying a rebate solution to the base slab. The A-Consult panels can be provided with dowel bars if required. Below shows a typical ring beam section showing how an effective seal is achieved by utilising the step in the base slab along with the correct placement of three strips of hydrotite. Additional security can be achieved during the construction of the in-situ ring beam by forming a small rebate to the inside face and then by filling this rebate with an elastic polyurethane sealant after the ring beam has cured.

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Operating across Europe, A-­Consult has 25 years of experience installing over 8,000 precast concrete tanks of which more than 1500 have been used for primary / secondary digesters, digestate storage and mixer / reception tanks. Manufactured under factory controlled conditions, A-­Consult offer a product constructed from high strength concrete panels and being precast, installation is speedy and generally unhampered by inclement weather conditions, a real consideration for meeting tight programme dates.

Our digester tank range features diameters from 5m to 50m, with tank heights ranging from 3m to 12m increasing wall heights of 100mm increments. Cast in items such as sockets, flanges and man ways can be facilitated in a factory using during panel construction, this can greatly assist with the post fixing of pipework, mixers, feeders and gas tight roofs, resulting in programme and cost reduction for on-­site working. Gas tight precast concrete roofs can be offered as an alternative to standard double membrane gas tight domes, non gas tight roofs are also available for digestate storage. Digestate storage tank diameters range from 8m to 50m and can be easily converted into digester tanks at a later date should you wish to increase the capacity of your plant.

With projects under construction all year round please contact us to arrange a site visit to learn more about the most efficient and commercially beneficial way to construct your AD plant tank requirements.

Primary & Secondary Digesters

  • Base Insulation
  • Leakage Detection
  • Tank Wall Insulation & Cladding
  • Gas tight Concrete or Membrane roofs

Pre Mix Tanks

  • Above or Below Ground Installations
  • Concrete or Fabric roofs

Digestate Storage Tanks

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