• 36m Digester under construction

  • Large Apertures formed in this Plug Flow System

  • Auger Feeder frames cast into wall units

  • Leakage detection system EA compliant

Ancillaries & Features


  • Easily cast into the precast wall units to provide life-long protection to the concrete surfaces in the gasification zones.
  • Underside of concrete roofs and full internal surfaces of gas tight structures can be protected from concrete corrosion in the gasification zones.
  • PE-Liner is cast into each individual wall panel and after tank installation all joints are extrude welded to achieve both a water tight and gas tight seal.

Service Box

  • In case of maintenance, the mixers can be removed from fermenters in one piece without opening of the membrane roof, without lowering the liquid level inside the tank, and without needing to de-commission the digester
  • Avoids gas losses, providing a perfect combination, protecting the environment along with ensuring safe operation and increasing efficiency
  • Quick access and easy maintenance while complying with health & safety standards
  • Larger maintenance openings allow for the installation and removal of mixers blades of diameters up to 1.50m
  • Robust Over/Underpressure Valves- Underpressure 1 to 3 mbar (100 – 300 Pa)
  • Overpressure 1 to 8 mbar (100 – 800 Pa)
  • Frost-proof pressure valve in the Service-Box
  • Easy maintenance / cleaning by a large opening with window
  • Further reduction of methane emissions

Apertures through tank walls

Openings can be formed through the tank walls to allow fitting of mixers, pipework, pressure release valves & sight glasses.

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